Here’s your ticket to establishing yourself as THE go-to expert, converting dream clients and shaking up your industry with unlimited 1:1 support, guaranteed media coverage and exclusive insider contacts.

Master the exact PR formula we use to secure disruptive, impactful and powerful media coverage.

Are you an aspiring industry leader?

You know:

That's why:

*Cue the martini party*

It also happens to be a multi-business strategy that’s 90% more effective than advertising, trusted by 92% of people, and the most cost-effective way to achieve expert status.

has the potential to change EVERYTHING. 

podcasts, pages and stages 

Being seen on dream 

PR is the most powerful 
talkability, visibility + credibility
builder for you and your brand.


(And you can too… with guaranteed results)

It’s because they’re using PR.

Your competitors phones AREN’T ringing off the hook 24/7 with media opportunities because they’re more “qualified” or “experienced” than you.

But here’s the truth:

Scared your ideal customers consider buying from competitors *before* you

And you’re starting to worry that being too bogged down with work is costing your entire reputation...

To be honest...

You’re disappointed you’ve held your business back for so long


Even on a live broadcast on The Project!

Or speaking on the Ted X stage

Front and centre in The Australian...

Your face on Sky Business News...

Even on a live broadcast on The Project!

Or speaking on the Ted X stage

Front and centre in The Australian...

Your face on Sky Business News...

Even on a live broadcast on The Project!

Or speaking on the Ted X stage

Front and centre in The Australian...

Your face on Sky Business News...

Even on a live broadcast on The Project!

Or speaking on the Ted X stage

Front and centre in The Australian...

Your face on Sky Business News...

Then, one day you’re flicking through, scrolling or watching a show…
When suddenly, a familiar face pops up. But this time,
 it’s not your competitor’s – It’s yours. 

BE the competition.

Let’s get you there together!

Just clink think about how powerful 
that would be for you – how many doors it could open for your business. 

Or how to *truly* leverage the opportunity...

What to say and how to craft a feature that’s newsworthy, disruptive, original and gets (the right) people talking.

You know disruptive PR could get you on the podcasts, pages and stages of your dreams… 
But the 5-figure budget isn’t there.

And even *IF* you landed your dream media RIGHT NOW
You’d most likely have no freakin’ clue how to prepare…


To flip your PR mindset.
your industry.
And fast-track PR results.
(With guaranteed media coverage!)

It’s time to shake up the world 
with your BIG MAGIC

Sound familiar?  Listen up!

“I’m not an expert, what if people find out I’m a fraud?”

“Who do I think I am to be speaking on stage?”

“What if no one listens? And I don’t get results?”

“Becoming a household name is way outta my league”

“On top of EDMS, Instagram, Stories and engagement, I don’t have time for PR too.”

So, imposter syndrome creeps in with sour thoughts like:

Follow every step but don’t get coverage? 
We’re 99.999% sure this is impossible! 
But say it happens, Morgan will personally secure the media for you.

Here’s how to get powerful PR without the need for a MASSIVE budget (even if you’ve never pitched)!

But they’re all group-based (so you never get heard), teach general strategies you could probably Google and there’s no community element.

Plus: There’s NO on-demand PR support. You’re left to fend for yourself in the 24/7 world of PR. And not having the right guidance (fast!) could cost you your coverage. 

Maybe you’ve checked out other PR mentorships…

Be the IRRESISTIBLE #1 choice in your niche?

Feature on dream platforms like podcasts, pages and stages?

Catch up to (and overtake!) your competitors’ public profiles?

Convert dream clients, increase revenue and grow your business?

Do you want to:

to celebrate your wins, brainstorm ideas and support fellow thought leaders while you all master PR!


for live feedback, suggestions and coaching on your PRogress plus each next step to move your forward


Instead, a 1:1 PR mentorship offers you:

and their precise pitching preferences


to position you as an expert in your niche, get in front of (the right) people and make more impact


tailored to your exact business, schedule and goals for where you’re headed (BYO cheersing beverage!). FYI: This is THE ONLY PR mentorship that offers this


PR Strategist, espresso martini lover, adventure-chaser and “the fun friend.”

I’m also the Founder of Martini Mondays, where we specialise in PR: Shaken, not stirred. 

Since 2012 I’ve helped 80+ aspiring experts, thought leaders and dreamchasers like you secure high-profile, disruptive media coverage. 

Working on projects for Rachel Griffiths x Sportscraft, Oprah and Camilla Franks has been surreal. But my true passion lies with helping driven entrepreneurs create HUGE impact in their fields.

Ready to shake things up?

B. (PublicRelations), BMarketing&Comn, PGDip Strategic Comn

(your personal PR magician)

Hey! I’m Morgan –

“I love seeing how others are scoring media coverage, too!”


The community connection and bouncing ideas with fellow mentees

“I’m learning so much about not only PR, but my business!”


Real-time feedback (even sending their voice recordings on calls for critique!)

“Morgan, your high-vibe energy is contagious!”


My frequent check-ins between our sessions (Mondays and Thursdays)!

student's love:

Share captivating stories, spark meaningful, memorable conversations and position yourself as a game-changer. Ft. the edge of disruptive PR and personal support from your own PR Strategist (me!). 

To help you achieve unshakable impact.

So I created this program for driven creativepreneurs, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs like you – with one goal. 

To uncover your story and position you as the go-to disruptor in your industry!

Coming from a corporate background, I’ve seen the same-old, done before, meaningless PR time and time (and time!) again. But ‘normal’ never changed the world.

Here at Martini Mondays, we’re here to disrupt, change the game and think outside the box.

Together we unearth new ideas, new perspectives and challenge the norm. 

Your message has the power to elevate perceptions, opinions and your profile. 

...(And that’s just the froth of the martini)

New and timely
Headline material
Irresistibly newsworthy
 On-trend or powerfully topical
Original, compelling and disruptive
Challenging to the minds of the media (and your audience)

Yours MUST be:

That’s why...

Journos crave stories just like yours (the ones we’ll craft together). 
It’s their job to publish shareable, readable, relevant and viral content. 
(Okay, COVID totally ruined “viral” for us, but you get the idea!)

So, you can imagine how many “same-same,” 
flavourless pitches cross their desk every day (or even hour). 

here's the scoop:

“My dream clients keep hitting me up!”

“They invited me to speak on an international stage!”

“People I’ve never met are emailing me thanking me for sharing my story!

This could be you:

Instead, become your very own PR strategist so you’ll NEVER need to pay someone like me!

So it’s near impossible to “wing it” and have your hard work pay off. 

Learn the proven PR formula we use with our clients (and ourselves) to secure consistently influential, original and disruptive media coverage.

Everything you need to secure guaranteed media coverage, connect with exclusive media contacts, establish yourself as THE industry leader and be your own PR Strategist!

Master Your PR Impact


By the end of this 12 week mentorship you’ll be able to...

No more single blog post feature then crickets. You’ll know the exact steps it takes to feature in media that matters and be front of mind for your dream clients (every time)

Secure trusted media coverage

Stop holding your business back because you don’t know what to say. Throughout weekly 1:1 strategy sessions with your own PR expert, you’ll craft compelling stories about you and your brand, minus the overwhelm

Craft newsworthy stories

Your features in dream publications are closer than you think. Together we’ll create irresistible brand assets to submit to the places you’ve dreamed of being seen in

Pitch to dream publications

Put an end to knowing no one in the industry. You’ll have a direct line to multiple media authorities, hand-picked to support your ideal exposure platforms

Contact influential media sources

*NO other PR mentorship offers this!

Copy and paste 
PR templates

Unlimited email and voice note support from your own PR Strategist

Signature Messaging Magic Formula to Develop Consistent News Stories

Intimate Mastermind Facebook Group 

 media contacts

On Demand-PR Support (yes, unlimited reviews even between sessions!)*

12 Weekly 60 minute 1:1 Calls at your chosen time

Ex-Press-O Strategy Session - Your Personal PR Plan


The secret recipe....

Have lots of cheersworthy, fun and martini-filled times along the way with me and your community of aspiring experts!


I’ll give you my exact media contacts, (something collected over YEARS in the PR world!) for you to pitch to


Simplify the pitching process (so you know EXACTLY) what to do, who to pitch to and HOW to cut through the noise.


Craft an unforgettable brand story, the media would be mad to miss


What’s *actually* holding you back? Pour yourself a drink and let’s overcome your blocks!


Achieve more, create greater impact sooner and gain powerful PR momentum.


Together we’ll master your:


PR’s an evolving landscape, be prepared for *anything*

 PR Strategists don’t give away their exact secrets to securing media. But in this mentorship – I teach you everything.

Where’s your industry headed? How do you determine which publications drive the most impact now? And then – which platforms way into the future?

Together we’ll forward-think your brand so you’ll immediately become your own PR Strategist. And be equipped with the exact strategies I use to future-proof PR efforts for ultimate impact. 


Connect with, celebrate and meet other mentees to brainstorm, bounce ideas and score inspiration from your collective efforts!


Each week we review your work, then focus on your next industry shakeup! Yep, learn, action and review in one! Plus get in touch any time between sessions


We dive straight into an express-o session. How will you disrupt your industry? Impact your audience? Become the irresistible go-to?

Why Master Your PR Impact?


You’ll find everything you need to successfully manage your own PR and:

Pitch compelling stories every time

Convert your dream clients

Land consistent media appearances

Build your profile as the go-to in your niche

Pitch compelling stories every time

Convert your dream clients

Land consistent media appearances

Build your profile as the go-to in your niche

Pitch compelling stories every time

Convert your dream clients

Land consistent media appearances

Build your profile as the go-to in your niche

Pitch compelling stories every time

Convert your dream clients

Land consistent media appearances

Build your profile as the go-to in your niche

Secure world class speaking gigs
Feature in dream publications
Become a guest on high-profile podcasts
Create brand buzz on a professional level
+ So much more…

Then, use your expert PR knowledge to:

 An industry leader
The irresistible first choice
An expert in your niche
Fierce competition

Positioning you as:

Valued at $599 Yours FREE only with this intake of Master Your PR Impact!


Your first media article (and headline) DONE FOR YOU!
Take action faster
Get results sooner
Overcome the dreaded ‘how do I start’ fears
Use this story as a guide for future pieces
Clear format in actionParagraph

To make this mentorship even sweeter, I’ll personally write your first media article and set you on the right PR path from the get-go!

I'll write your first headline-worthy article!


But no martini sesh is complete without a tasty snack on the side...

Exclusive to first intake - done for you media story + headline

Master Your PR Impact!

Become your industry’s go-to with

Follow your homework but don’t get coverage? 
We’re 99.999% sure this is impossible! 
But say it happens, Morgan will personally secure the media for you.

Media Coverage Guarantee

From then on, you have precise PR knowhow (and connections)...

Which means you achieve more media coverage…

Which establishes you as an expert…

So you speak on stage, feature on dream podcasts, magazines, TV (whatever it is to you, remember we tailor the lot)... 

And gets you in front of WAY MORE of your dream clients…

...So you can name your prices (because people won’t question working with YOU)

And achieve more freedom in your business and life…

And NEVER have to outsource to an expensive PR agency who will charge you thousands for this exact information. 

That’s a smart business move. 

Your enrollment starts now… Just click this button and your publicity secret recipe begins!

Let’s imagine you do join the 12-week mentorship (with guaranteed media coverage). We meet for our strategy session, map out weekly tasks to action (with unlimited reviews from me!). Then once you graduate? You’ll have a lifelong business skill, confidently be your own PR strategist and get complete access to my mind the whole way!

I completely understand. Investing in yourself (and your business) takes guts, hutzpah and belief that it’s possible. Over my 10+ years industry experience, I’ve seen it time and time again. 

“Maybe I could try Googling PR strategies”  But the truth is, if you were going to do that – you already would have and wouldn’t be here. And let’s be honest, only the cookie cutter templates are on Google… The standard ones every journo’s seen (and turned down).

Still on the fence?

A sip of what could be ahead for you

Bec Ampt, Creative Director, Conscious Creative Studio

Not only does Morgan bring her world class PR knowledge to the table, but serves it up with warmth, fun and a true desire to fast track your results. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

"Working with Morgan 1:1 goes far beyond a PR mentorship. She takes the time to understand you and what makes your business tick, challenges your limiting beliefs and sets a fire in your belly to dream beyond your current business reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“This looks awesome, but I’m not an expert.”

You may not feel like you’re an expert, but you’re here because you want to become one. With the Mentorship, I help you conquer your PR fears, overcome personal obstacles and develop an expert mindset. This is a crucial element to achieving expert status (an expert status YOU believe in too!).

“I’ve built a brand on Instagram, so do I need this too?”

That’s great news! By building your solid foundation, this allows the media to take your story more seriously. This is a perfect starting point. Why? Because on top of your marketing and socials, PR allows you to reach an untouchable audience, builds credibility and positions you as a visible hero in your industry.

“What’s my alternative?”

For these types of results? The only real option is to hire an expensive PR agency – usually at a minimum of $5000AUD++ per month (and that’s with no guaranteed coverage). Don’t get us wrong, we love PR people (we are them!), but imagine never again having to wait around for someone else to secure your media. Instead, you have skills for life for you and your growing business. 

“I’d love to do this, but it’s not the right time.”

This enrollment is filling up fast, but if you’re thinking of enrolling down the track, that’s okay too. We’ll open the doors in 2021. Heads up though, due to a high volume of interest I can’t guarantee the price will ever be this low again. 

“Can you explain the process?”

1. Enrol in the mentorship

2. We meet for a virtual martini and discuss your dreams for the future of your brand!
If this mentorship is a good fit for your goals, we dive straight into 12 60 minute mentoring calls at a time that suits you!

3. In between sessions, you submit any pitches to me for revisions, edits, recommendations (yes, your very own PR strategist minus the MASSIVE price tag, available ON-DEMAND!!) Talk about shaking up your industry!

4. You connect with, celebrate and meet other mentees in our exclusive Facebook group (Martini Monday live training anyone?).

5. HEY PRESTO! You secure guaranteed media. And if you follow all the steps and no media? I’ll personally secure you coverage! There’s literally nothing to lose and so much PR (and martini shaking skills) to gain!

let's do this!