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We raise our martinis to you!

Become a KNOWN industry leader, achieve expert status and attract dream clients – all with DIY PR.

Here’s your opportunity to create REAL impact!

Imagine never having to “wing” (or outsource) PR ever again!

Coaches, Consultants and Creatives... 

AKA aspiring changemakers, thought leaders and go-getters

Set you apart from competitors with a clear, defined and original niche

Amplify your brand's reputation, and build trust with your ideal clients 

Open doors to dream opportunities, we’re talkin’ big name podcasts, pages and stages in front of thousands – AKA you here

Fast-track your impact with shaken, not stirred PR skills that:

But right now, exhausting marketing tactics are leaving you hungry (with little satisfaction). 

And I know your potential. 

i see you.

*tops up cocktail and leans in to spill the goss*

And here’s a little secret

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if no one cares?”

“What if the words come out... wrong?”

#PRmindset blocks are real, Martini Friend!

The only thing getting in the way? 
Niggling thoughts like:


So learning PR has been on your mind for a while...

Planning your next move, and dreaming up how to impact more people.

As a passionate changemaker you’re always looking ahead...

The world needs more you in it.

I’m ready to shake things up

Yours starts here. 

Everyone’s story of becoming unshakably 
known starts somewhere. 

For instance:

Anaita from Olivia & Co and Hero Packaging went from small business owner to expert in ecommerce marketing by contributing a regular column in

Yemi went from unknown coach to features in X and regular international speaking opportunities

Afterall, people like you have already used PR to achieve expert status + real impact!

Easy to learn

Cost-effective (read: FREE)

90% more effective than advertising

Trusted by 92% of people

Within your reach!


Reserved for the rich and famous

pr is not:

The reason people *think* PR is reserved for the rich and famous is exactly why YOU want to learn it. Because PR positions changemakers like you as *the martini* of your industry! AKA the most IRRESISTIBLE #1 CHOICE!


Speaking on your favourite podcast. Being interviewed by key business leaders, or even a live interview on Nova FM!

Scoring consistent speaking gig invitations (all expenses paid) at respected organisations begging for YOU to speak...

Having people stop you in the street (or mid martini!) – saying how much you’ve helped, inspired and impacted them… 

Ideal clients reaching out saying “After I heard you, I knew it – have to work with you!” But, like… all-the-time!



Others in your industry



Others in your industry



Others in your industry


Sounds like you? Then top up that tipple and get ready, friend!

You’re ready to shake together your passion and REAL impact. To reach that next step and become your industry’s go-to expert.

Martini Mondays Founder, good times advocate, golden doggo lover, snacker, espresso martini fanatic and PR Strategist since 2012

I see you there, Martini Friend – you have so much to offer (deep down, you see that too!). Problem is, no one knows about it.

Maybe you’ve already tried some other stuff. Think: group PR programs… You might host your own podcast and feature on others. AKA you’ve had a *sip* of being in the limelight (and want it to last WAY longer).

Hey, changemaker, 
I’m Morgan!


Finally step into your true potential and create unshakable impact! 

We both know that it’s the people who put themselves out there that get the results. 

Want to know the best part? Now I’m here to teach you everything I’ve learnt. 

Because I’ve been where you are. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. BUT!

“Cool! But why are you telling me this, Morgan?”  

                               Because I’ve been where you are. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. BUT!

“Cool! But why are you telling me    this, Morgan?”  

But I knew I needed to push past these fears, uncertainties and limiting thoughts to create *real* impact. Because never in a million years would I help the amount of people I now do with these toxic ideas in my mind. So I invested in more professional growth than I can count. And overcame these barriers. 

What if people judge me? 
Criticise me? 
What if I’m rejected? 
Or sound like a fraud?

The overwhelm and fear that came along with putting myself out there was unbearable. 

After all, I started my career in PR because it combined all my favourite things: People, creativity, strategy, relationships and martinis (okay, I added that last one)! 

But being front and centre was NOT one of them!!

My love for helping people like you create more impact and reach full potential FAR outweighed my hunger to stand on stage or feature in shiny publications. (It’s definitely not “The Morgan Show” around here!!)

I’ll be honest, for so long I hid behind my computer screen…

I believe there’s an inner-expert in every single person.

Too scared to show my face. Even Instagram Stories terrified me!

Now, it’s your turn to #selfraise your own PR!

Become Ted X speakers in a matter of months

Been asked to speak on stage in Vegas next to Mark Wahlberg!

Featured in the same magazines as Oprah – think CEO Magazine!  

Gone from the generalist to *the* expert through strategic PR placement

Overcome limiting beliefs and shared their story to grow their client base

Secured regular media contributions as an expert in places like 

Using this exact formula, business owners just like you have:

I see what you have to offer. 
Your original knowledge, approach and perspective – that’s something no one else has.
And I know PR will open so many more doors and opportunities for you. 

Plus, I’ve worked with the likes of Camilla Franks, Rachel Griffiths 
and Sportscraft
so you’ll reap the rewards of high-quality PR skills, 
minus the price tag (usually starting at $3k per month!)

It’s time to unleash the potential within you.

I’ve created this exclusive (tasty) offer for coaches, consultants and creatives like you – to disrupt your industry, solve important problems and learn the skill of PR – for *life.* 

Your step-by-step plan to land expert media coverage. 
Learn the disruptive, *top secret* skills to make managing 
your own PR so easy, it feels like you’re cheating. 


The Message. 


Magic PR Plan

The Message. 


Magic PR Plan

The Message. 


Magic PR Plan

Creates strategic impact for you and your business

Attracts dream clients

Positions you as an expert

Opens doors to features on dream podcasts, pages and stages

Takes no time at all - all your assets ready to roll

Saves you money in advertising costs, failed pitching attempts and outsourcing to expensive PR agencies

Inside the Step-By-Step PR Plan you’ll find the exact actions, tools and insights you need to score media that:

Media Domination!

Momentum & Motion

PR Targets & Tools

Meaningful Media Relationships

Story Time!

Industry Game Changer Status

Forward-Thinking Focus

Define your Genius Zone

Strategy Game Plan

Identify your Audience

Message Magic!

Master PR Mindset


Your entire DIY PR Plan lives on Trello (a free app you can take anywhere – yes even on martini sipping escapades!). Log in and complete at a frequency that suits you. We call this Trello Board the “Martini Mondays Fun Lab” because all the checklists, easy timelines and pretty downloads makes it feel less like work and more like learning with a friend by your side!

Each step is completely laid out so you know exactly what to do next. Want to share it with your team? No problem, add them in a matter of seconds. 

The Step-By-Step PR Plan

Check out what’s inside...

Clarify your niche and standout brand qualities so your story’s crystal clear when submitting to the media

Pinpoint your exact audience filled with people who want YOU to create the stuff that sets your soul on fire

Craft a compelling business story and narrative (plus know where to use each) so landing compelling media that leaves a lasting impact is easy

Simplify the pitching process so your chances of getting yes’s skyrocket into success city, population you

Create your own shaken, not stirred media kit that stands out against others (using shaken for you templates)

Define your genius zone so words come easily, confidently and on cue 

Discover the exact wording PR strategists like me use to secure media, without the $$$ of monthly packages – then know and use them for a lifetime!

Feel prepared when new opportunities arise (like pitching or submitting a media bio) with mix and match bonuses ready when you need them

Using this PR Master Plan you will:

Perfect your pitching PRocess and follow up formula (with time frame guides and industry insight)

The Pitching Playbook


A deep-dive exploration of your belief systems and how to overcome PR insecurities + my personal story

Master Your PR Mindset


A pitching brief for simple, straightforward and polished submissions ft. prompts

The Magic Media Training Formula


Because I want you to feel unshakably confident pitching to and landing media, 
here’s some tasty snacks to accompany your plan. For a limited time only, I’m also including:



Easy strategies to create relationships that open doors to rooms you’ve dreamed of being in

3 Ways To Befriend The Media


Your professionally formatted media bio ready to submit to podcasts and speaking opportunities

On Tap: Your Media Bio


Access top prompts I use with all my clients to streamline story idea generation

30 Story Ideas That Sell


It’s time to create HUGE impact!

i'm in!

$397 AUD 

One payment of

best value

i'm in!

$140 AUD

3 monthly payments of

most flexible

One payment of

If you get to the end of the plan and don’t get coverage, I’ll personally review all your work.
 Just get in touch within 30 days after purchase. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

i'm in!

Here you get the best of both worlds… Access to an experienced PR Strategist’s brain and shaken for you templates where you literally just need to fill in the blank.

YES. A fraction of the cost and you don’t have to start from scratch.

Learn the *exact* PR formula we use with our clients. (We’re not kidding, our clients pay $2,000+ every month for us to do this stuff!). 

Then land features on dream podcasts, pages and stages.
The best part? Your lifetime access means you’ll invest as much time as you like AND action as you learn. That’s efficiency right there. 

You already know PR’s a powerful tool for your brand – but you don’t have a big budget OR a lot of time. 

That’s $869 value

For just $397AUD!

For just $397AUD!

Frequently Asked Questions

“I want this, but I’m too busy right now”

#feelyou. But good news. Buy this baby now and score all the extra bonuses (valued at $XX). Then get your PR on when the time’s right for you.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

If you don’t secure media once you’ve completed each step, I’ll personally review your work. All you need to do is get in touch within 30 days of purchasing. 

“Is this a group course?”

Nope! You have your own Trello board to access from anywhere and complete as much (or as little) as you like, when you like. 

“I know PR is all about contacts, so will this really help?”

Yes! I teach you the individual approaches you need tailored to a selection of dream publications.

“Can I buy this later?”

Of course! But you’ll be missing out on all these epic bonuses. 

Let’s get you on those dream podcasts, pages and stages!

i'm in!

$397 AUD 

One payment of

best value

i'm in!

$140 AUD

3 monthly payments of

most flexible